Lennox EMEA university

To enhance your refrigeration and air conditioning skills, in an ever changing technological and regulatory environment ​

To increase your competitive advantage in an ever changing technological and regulatory environment, for refrigeration and air conditioning, LENNOX offers you a European training centre:

  • to improve your operational knowledge

  • to optimise your professional activities

  • to become more competitive.

Modern and innovative, situated at the heart of one of our european manufacturing site in France, this complex benefits from all the experience and technological resources you would expect of an international manufacturer.

lennox emea formation training

What we can offer

LENNOX University adapts itself to your requirements and trains you in the operation of our cooling and air conditioning systems to optimise energy management with greater respect for the environment:

  • Regulation and control of air conditioning equipment
  • Commissioning, management and maintenance of machinery
  • Initiation and improvement in cooling technologies
  • Initiation and improvement in air conditioning
  • Building Management System
  • Specification and rating of air conditioning plant
  • Handling, retrofit of refrigerants


    LENNOX University offers practical experience on a complete range of air conditioning equipment, permanently installed at the disposition of students in test stations, exclusively dedicated to training.
    LENNOX University also offers specially tailored courses;
    we will find a solution suited to your specific requirements : content, date or place at your course.
    The courses combine alternate theoretical and practical modules and are sanctioned by a LENNOX certificate, the mark of quality for your customer and enable you to work on our equipment under the best conditions.


    • 500 m² dedicated to training
    • An audiovisual room to follow the theory courses in comfort
    • Roof top and chiller test stations
    • Real life test benches for unit products (Split, ducted, cabinet, etc. )
    • “System” workshops combining several types of unit.
    • Simulator for the programmed controllers in our range
    • A changing room
    • A relaxation room for refreshments and meals.


    • Experienced
    • In permanent contact with real situations on the ground.


    • E-learning is an ideal solution if your busy lifestyle does not allow you to attend our LENNOX University trainings.
    • Our student-centred and flexible online subjects offer the same rigorous learning requirements as our traditional courses.