Technologies evolve, regulations too: the LENNOX EMEA teams work to invent solutions that, day after day, improve the lives of our customers, responding to ever changing expectations :

  • Ease of installation

  • Energy efficiency: how to provide the highest level of comfort while minimising energy costs

  • Reduction of maintenance frequencies and costs

  • Optimization of end of life recycling

  • Common solutions between HVAC and Refrigeration

  • Green solutions able to fit the high legal expectations (including HFO and natural refrigerants’ solutions responding FGaz and other environmental directives)

We focus on the overall cost of use of our solutions, from the start to the end of their lives.

Because of this, LENNOX EMEA is responsible for a number of major innovations.



Our European development center, located in Mions (Lyon area, France), has been designed to handle tests for both medium to high capacity HVAC products and Refrigeration equipment, and is qualified for welcoming Eurovent engineers in order to achieve yearly rooftop program above 85 kW.

In its area of 4000 m², product ranges are tested in one of our

4 tests chambers, including the largest Rooftop test room in Europe able to qualify units up to 250 kW cooling capacity and 45.000 m3/h airflow. This allow us to get the most accurate efficient performance.